light House relief Funds

Housing Coordination (On-going): Lighthouse Relief Funds provide financial assistance with costs of rent, security deposits, mortgage, utility deposits and utility payments in order to aide service recipients in securing affordable, safe and sanitary housing.   

Rehab & Restore (On-going):  Lighthouse Relief Funds provide environmental modifications to address access, health, and safety. Modifications are completed by licensed general, residential, and trade building contractors. Repairs may include: install safety handrails, replace/install water heaters, replace/install 17-18 inch toilet, replace bathtubs with shower units, repair floor, repair roof, interior/exterior painting, repair/install porches, replace steps, install/repair ramps, widen door for wheel chair accessibility, install GFI receptacles in kitchens and bathrooms, electrical upgrade, replace broken/damaged windows, weatherize homes, pest control services, and/or landscaping services.   

Holiday Assistance (November -December): Light House Relief Funds provide financial assistance with costs of food, hygiene products, housekeeping products, linen items, and toys. 

Summer Camp Assistance (May-August): Light House Relief Funds provide financial assistance with costs of summer camps and activities. 

Assistance is based on need, eligibility and availability of funds.

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​Celebrating Independence with Congress

July 4, 2017  


1035 Johnnie Dodds Blvd

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Donating Back 15%  with each meal. 

Celebrating Independence Day at Congress
July 4, 2017
1035 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Donating 15% back with each meal. Supporting LHRF.
RSVP at 

(first & last names of all guests) 

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