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A Word from the Founder & CEO...



Channel The Beacon was birth from a vision to integrate health, social and educational services for individuals living with disabilities and special needs. Services are provided to individuals as young as three (3) years old. Dr. Johnette Singleton Simmons strives to empower individuals to embrace life by identifying and implementing strategies which bridges gaps and minimizes health disparities and inequities.

Johnette holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the College of Charleston, Charleston, SC; Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management from Webster University, St. Louis, MO; Doctorate in Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC; Additionally, Johnette is a Certified Case Manager under the authority of the Commission for Case Management Certification (CCMC).  Johnette continues to parallel her professional experiences into research studies aimed at exploring health disparities, equity and promotion through  quality improvement strategies.

Johnette's passion for her work is evident in her alliance with individuals and families living with disabilities and special needs. She believes that healthcare is a human right and is an advocate in identifying and combating access to healthcare and allied services. Johnette works very closely with individuals and families in the development of support plans and lifestyle changes in order to achieve healthcare, educational, vocational and personal goals. Through Channel The Beacon, Johnette has partnered with South Carolina's State Departments to combat disparities in physical healthcare, behavioral healthcare, disability services, social services, public education and affordable housing.

As a mother, Johnette is devoted to her two wonderful children.  As a clinician, Johnette has provided mental health services, clinical counseling, case management, clinical care management, hospital discharge reconciliation, affordable housing development and health services research. As a visionary, Johnette has been instrumental in aiding individuals living with disabilities and special needs with ongoing community tenure and autonomy through partnerships with other stakeholders. As an administrator, Johnette serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director for Channel The Beacon. In the past, Johnette has served in various health services capacities to include: Psychiatric Program Coordinator, Affordable Housing Coordinator, Health Service Researcher, Behavioral Health Administrator, Psychiatric Hospital Transition Coordinator, Business Consultant, Care Coordination Administrator and Business Office Manager.  In academic settings, Johnette lectures in healthcare administration and human services  curricula in areas of Personal and Professional Development; Case Management; Diversity & Cultural Competence; Program Development; Leadership; and Intentional Interviewing Techniques.  As an individual, Johnette’s motto for life is as follows:

"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why.  I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?"              ~Robert Kennedy


Dr. Johnette Singleton Simmons challenges others to Channel The Beacon inside of themselves by positively impacting  individuals, communities, states and nations by ensuring access to healthcare initiatives and  human services through pledging your financial support to further the mission of Channel The Beacon and organizations alike.